With more than 400 billion cups of drinks consumed every year, coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. Coffee is replacing alcohol as the social beverage of choice, with people meeting for coffee instead of cocktails. People can now meet for coffee at any time of the day, rather than just “cocktail hours”. Coffee shop is becoming more popular around the world not only because of coffee, but also the cozy, casual, comfortable atmosphere that makes people love to pick coffee shop as a meeting place, for both personal and business. Many people nowadays even love to work and study in coffee shops.

IDEA Coffee Shops would definitely provide good coffee and a variety of beverages and bakery items. We would also provide business area in our coffee shop to facilitate business meetings. Free Wi-Fi, printing service, computers would also be available at our coffee shops. More importantly, our coffee shops will be located next to our parking sites. Customers would not need to worry about having problem in searching for parking space. IDEA coffee shops will also be established worldwide together with our parking systems.